Yet another month has flown by, and even though the year is slowly coming to a close, we’re still
managing to keep very busy in the final few months! October in particular has been focused primarily on
raising awareness for Unblocktober and exactly how, as a business, we do our part day in day out to help
the environment and, in turn, the whole planet.


Unblocktober 2020 has been incredibly successful this month, with many people and businesses playing
their part in raising awareness, learning about the dangers of blocked drains and just how we can do our
part to reduce waste, hopefully putting us all in the right mindset when it comes to disposing of harmful
liquids and items.

We particularly enjoyed one 16-year-old school pupil’s amazing invention that could help solve the UK’s
fatberg crisis. She suggested the idea of using cigarette-style packaging for ‘unflushable’ items such as
wet wipes to visually demonstrate the damage they cause if they are flushed into the sewage network.
We’re fully behind this idea! You can read all about it in Unblocktober’s blog post.

Quintex and Sustainability

Our very own Emma Brooks chatted with Foodservice Equipment Journal in one of this month’s Market
Talks, where they discussed sustainable kitchens and just how our new QFinance initiative can support
operators through recent uncertain times.

She also explains why everybody in the industry needs to watch David Attenborough’s new ‘A Life On
Our Planet’ feature documentary, the one thing we haven’t stopped talking about over the last few
weeks! You can watch this episode of Market Talk here.

Our Favourite September News Story

We’re always checking out recent news stories in the office and we love anything out of the ordinary.
This one in particular grabbed our attention in October!

Army veteran Major Mick starts 100-mile canal row

An 80-year-old army veteran known as Major Mick has set off on a 100-mile charity canal trip in a
homemade boat. Chichester-based Michael Stanley plans to row his vessel, named the Tintanic, to
Hunston and back two days a week.

Mr Stanley initially set out to raise £1,000 but has already exceeded that target and is now sailing
towards a new £5,000 goal. A bit of a positive in such difficult times for the country!
We’re looking forward to seeing what November brings for both Quintex and the industry, and we’d like
to thank everyone for making October such a great month for us!