Our staff at Quintex always go above and beyond to bring our customers a service like no other. Over the next few months, we’ll be shining the spotlight on each member of the Quintex team, not only because of how proud we are of all their hard work, but to also introduce you to those who make the cogs turn within the business!

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Ian Shaw, our Senior Engineer here at Quintex!

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How long have you worked at Quintex?

Over 16 years and counting!

What are you required to do in your role and why is your role so important within the company?

I carry out a variety of tasks from physically installing our kit into our customers’ premises, to technical support and site surveys. The role of an engineer such as myself is important to the company because of the bespoke expertise it provides to our customers, whilst ensuring our systems are well maintained, operational and optimised for our clients.

What is your greatest achievement or most interesting project worked on whilst at Quintex?

Installing Quintex equipment into some of the kitchens in Harrods was interesting and proved both
challenging and interesting at the same time!

A bit about you (hobbies, what you do out of work, etc.)

I enjoy pottering in the garden or making stuff in my workshop, anything from Tesla coils to spud guns!

A fun fact someone may not know about you?

I used to enjoy a bit of spelunking in my younger days.
Keep your eyes peeled next month and see who will be under the spotlight!