We’re all guilty of allowing excess oil and fat to enter the kitchen drain, but it is time in this age of environmental awareness, to practice proper commercial kitchen waste management, as FOGs can cause some pretty devastating consequences in commercial kitchens.


Nothing can ruin a busy Saturday sales period like the horrors of a blocked drain, slowing down that all-important service schedule and ripping chaos throughout the kitchen.


It doesn’t take long for a small blockage to escalate into a wider scale problem, such as leakages, electrical damage and overflows. These can all be very costly to a business and could even lead to business closure.

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Fortunately, here at Quintex, we are experts in preventing drain blockages, so we can help you keep your kitchens running smoothly. We have compiled five of the key alterations you can make to your daily routine to prevent blockages downstream.

1.Clear food wastage into appropriate disposal units before putting dish-ware into the sinks, as this could lead to drains overflowing.

2.Dispose of waste cooking oil into suitable containers and arrange for a licensed waste contractor to collect this regularly.

3.Make sure all drains have strainers placed over them to collect the accidental waste placed in sinks and clear these out frequently.

4. Avoid putting any greasy or oily dish-ware into sinks without pre wiping and cleaning the items with grease combatting soap first.

5. Frequently clean your drains with drain treatments to tackle build-ups.


By following these tips, you can reduce drain blockages significantly. However, in a busy environment, these steps can become harder to stick to.

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This is why we have developed our outstanding grease management system, Biofix, to keep drains happy and healthy. Biofix is designed to consume any unwanted drain FOGs; the solution is completely non-toxic and perfect for any food environment.


Let us stop drain blockages for good!

To see how Biofix can save your drains, visit https://quintex.co.uk/biofix/

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