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What is Lepido?

Lepido is a heavy-duty heat exchanger for restaurant ventilation. It is built to withstand grease and soot without the use of filtering techniques. Lepido recovers energy from polluted airstreams with up to 68% efficiency thanks to its patented Particle Repellent Geometry (PRG).

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How PRG works

Lepido, being a heavy-duty heat exchanger, is larger compared to a traditional heat exchanger to make room for its patented geometry of the recovery coils. The space between the coils is much larger than between fins of a traditional heat exchanger.

The result is a unique airflow pattern where most of the particles can pass through the heat exchanger instead of sticking to the coils. This slows down the build-up on the coils and makes the air pressure drop minimal, even if a coating has formed.

Lepido, being coil-based with one hundred percent counter-current and multiple fluid patterns, has the same heat transmission element surface area as a traditional heat exchanger.

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Innovative and low maintenance

The grease and soot in polluted airstreams, such as in commercial kitchens, is notoriously hard to deal with and recover energy from. But, even in such harsh environments, Lepido is able to recover energy thanks to its patented and unique design. Lepido requires no filters thereby reducing the need for any extended service and being a super low maintenance product


Effective and Environmentally friendly

Lepido recovers energy with up to 68% efficiency from polluted airstreams and is the world’s first heavy-duty heat exchanger to do so. By recovering energy, you reduce fossil C02 emissions thereby making the world a better place.


Economical and Profitable

Lepido not only recovers energy, but also makes it profitable to do so. The average calculated energy recovered per year in kWH for each restaurant is 85,000 kWh. The recovered energy decreases the need to purchase electricity, gas or district heating. The increased energy efficiency of the building lowers the running costs for the property owner.



Lepido can recover energy from polluted airstreams such as restaurant ventilation (from fast-food restaurants, hotels, food courts, shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc.) to galley ventilation in marine vessels (from cruise ships, ferries, ro-pax, accommodation platforms etc.), and food processing facilities ventilation ( from production of snacks, ready meals and semi-finished food products etc.). It is a scalable product with many applications!

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