Biologically Friendly Drain Treatment

What is Biofix?

Biofix from Quintex is a low-cost, high-performance solution Grease Management System which helps to reduce FOGs (Fats, Oil and Grease deposits). It uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to consume FOGs and food particles in spores form, contained in pucks that liquify and create a foam once wet. Biofix digests the particles and converts it to CO2 and water, meaning there are no by-products or risks for blockages downstream.

The solution uses a unique formulation of bacteria and green surfactants: its controlled foaming action extensively coats all drain surfaces, even above the water line, ensuing daily re-inoculation throughout the drain.

The general FOG pucks deliver up to 5x more bacterial spores per day than common liquid products and the only service needed is water supply from the normal mains pressure.

The bacteria (class 1) used in Biofix is fully compatible with all local authority treatment systems.
The solution also has a low carbon footprint, supports Green Building and is ISO 14000 certified due to no toxic/caustic chemicals being used.

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FOGs create several problems…

• Slow drains
• Foul odours
• Customer complaints (and staff complaints)
• Fines
• High costs using ineffective products or harmful and toxic chemicals

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Class 1 bacteria used


Environmentally friendly

Breakdown of grease and organic waste to CO2 and water



Long-lasting solid pucks that create a foam when wet



Highly concentrated dosing system, up to 100% more than typical liquids.



Low cost and energy required (battery-powered)



To suit any size of system

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