The safe, automatic and eco-friendly Grease Management System

What is Ecofix?

Ecofix from Quintex is a safe, automatic and eco-friendly Grease Management System and comes with full environmental health certification. With Ecofix, there’s never been an easier way or a safer way to degrease and clean extraction systems in commercial kitchens.

Using advanced biological technology, Ecofix penetrates every element of a cooker extraction and ventilation unit, cleaning as it goes and putting an end to costly and time consuming manual scrubbing procedures. In addition Ecofix removes any residual odour which can be a nuisance for neighbours.

Ecofix works by introducing fine micro droplets of an environmentally friendly biological formula into commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems, ensuring that wherever air flows Ecofix will follow. Into ductwork, canopies, filters, fans, silencers and ventilated ceilings.

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How does Ecofix work?

The Ecofix biological cleaning mist is
produced by a patented process creating continuously harmless biologically active droplets.

This agent is introduced into the kitchen extraction and ventilation system and attaches itself to any grease, oils and fats, breaking down their carbon structures into water and carbonic gas, leaving an extremely small biomass residue. This residue exits with the air flow and is harmlessly absorbed by nature.

As part of this process, any odour creating particles are ‘trapped’ in the neutralisation process, so significantly reducing the spread of unpleasant smells. With nothing left to burn, any associated fire risk is also significantly reduced.

Ecofix also significantly reduces any fire risk associated with fatty deposits, offering the potential for considerable reductions in insurance premiums.

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Case Studies

Ecofix has helped businesses across a number of industries with their kitchen grease management. Read these stories in our case studies;

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Ongoing System Cleanliness

Ecofix penetrates every area of cooker extraction and ventilation systems working continually in the deepest recesses of ductwork, canopies, filters, fans, silencers and ventilated ceilings to bring new standards of cleanliness and hygiene to the commercial kitchen environment.


Lower Energy Costs

The unique characteristics of our biological formula tackle the causes of unpleasant odours at source, ensuring that commercial kitchens can operate in neighbourhoods without negatively impacting the surrounding environment or the reputation of the business.


Fire Risk Reduction

The ability of Ecofix to dispel grease and fatty deposits in even the hardest to reach areas significantly reduces the risk of associated fire. This not only improves the safety of those working in commercial kitchen environments, it has the potential to lead to significantly lower insurance premiums.


Remote Monitoring and Reporting

Ecofix can be integrated with the Cheetah demand based ventilation control (DCKV) system. With the ability to monitor operating conditions continuously and remotely it can ensure that correct dosing levels of Ecofix are always maintained and revised if needed to meet performance requirements. This process also enables the timely replenishment of the biological formula.

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