What is Qfinance?

Making sustainability sustainable

Here at Quintex, our focus has always been about saving our clients money through our innovative solutions. We are now proud to be able to offer all the same benefits but with a Capital Free solution!

Controlling and monitoring cash flow is now more important than ever. Operators will be dissecting all areas of their business to find where improvements and savings can be made. Any way of reducing operating costs and improving your bottom line is a must. Yet how do you achieve that without spending your capital? This is where Quintex’s QFinance comes in

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Qfinance is designed to:

  • Eliminate upfront costs.
  • Keep your energy savings on track.
  • Preserve your credit line with your bank.


Our Capital Free option ensures you will get the financial and sustainability benefits of installing our products from the outset, without any upfront costs

All of our solutions are eligible for Qfinance, you can even factor in maintenance packages, which can be bundled into the monthly /quarterly payment schedule, ensuring there is one simple payment. You can choose for the financing to be over 1, 3, 5 years or more, whichever term you choose it will be cost-neutral to you.

If during the term of the agreement you want to upgrade or add a new product to your sites, we can happily facilitate this

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