A Grease Management System is a solution needed for any commercial kitchen which deals with high a volume of food, oils and grease. Not having a system in place can lead to drain problems which can further lead to unnecessary costs and maintenance.

Quintex’s Biofix uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to consume FOGs (fats, oils and grease deposits) and food particles. There are many benefits attached to using Biofix in your commercial kitchen, including:

The Removal of FOGs

Most large restaurants, hotels and pub chains spend thousands of pounds, yearly on problems related to their drain systems. Fats, oil, grease deposits (FOG) and food particles clog drain lines and grease traps. These cause blockages on-site and downstream too, leading to conflicts with local water authorities.

Biofix from Quintex uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to consume FOGs and food particles; digesting the particles and converting it to CO2 and water, meaning there are no by-products or risks for blockages downstream.

Reduce Kitchen Odours

There is nothing worse than a vulgar smell in a restaurant kitchen; it is a huge inconvenience, off-putting both customers and staff members. It can also be a sign a blockage may occur.

Kitchen drains rarely see professional maintenance; most commercial kitchen drains may only receive a clean once or twice a year. That’s enough time for foul odours to accumulate. Fortunately, Quintex’s Biofix provides continuous degreasing and odour management.

Stay Environmentally Friendly

There are a number of Grease Management Systems on the market, however, many do not consider the environmental impact. At Quintex, we are determined to aid the environment and encourage proper commercial kitchen waste management practice through our Biofix solution.

Instead of using harsh chemicals that seep into the UK’s sewers and seas, the solution uses a unique blend of tailored, eco-friendly bacteria to digest the issues downstream. Biofix also has a low carbon footprint, supports Green Building and is ISO 14000 certified due to no toxic/caustic chemicals being used.

Cost Saving

Drainage issues are the second largest expenditure in most commercial kitchens, the entire life cost of the grease management should be scrutinised before purchase. Biofix is a cost-effective grease management system which requires less shipping costs, less packaging, less storage, less manual handling and less risk of container spills/leaks.

In addition, Biofix is a battery-operated system so there are no extra energy costs.

Commercial kitchens will also benefit from reduced maintenance to drains which would also lead to a reduction in maintenance costs.

To discuss Biofix or other Quintex systems, please call us on 0118 973 9310 or drop an email to enquiries@quintex.co.uk

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