It’s about time we all made some positive changes to the way we run our kitchens. At the peak of the pandemic, energy consumption and carbon emissions were at an all time low due to lockdown restrictions, and the effect on the environment showed us exactly what’s achievable if we all made a conscious effort to save energy and place more focus on carbon reduction.

In the past, we’ve helped many restaurants and pubs save money and energy. Roast Restaurant, for example, has achieved an 18 month pay back on their energy saving investment by converting to Cheetah, our energy saving kitchen ventilation. Roast will be saving approximately 73,631kWh and 32 tonnes of carbon per year, which equates to a saving of £7,290 and a 70% reduction in their ventilation energy consumption, overall giving the operator an impressive payback of under 1.7 years.

Imagine what you could do with over £7K in savings?!

If you’ve not yet made some goals to aim towards, now is the time to start – we’ve given you a good starting point right here! Better still, these goals are achievable and here at Quintex, we can help you reach them with our solutions.

Invest in better technologies

Advancements in technology have taken a huge leap in recent years and we’re better equipped than we’ve ever been to get our kitchens up to scratch and energy efficient. Here at Quintex, we’ve created exceptional solutions to not only look after your kitchen and the environment to the fullest, but to potentially save you thousands in energy costs.

Better technologies such as our Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation System (DCKV) Cheetah cleverly work to save energy where it would otherwise be wasted. Cheetah works with your kitchen in mind and controls ventilation fan speeds in line with the demands of your kitchen. Speak to a member of the Quintex team for more information and advice.

Out with the old, in with the new

Many kitchens aren’t running at the moment and for those with older pieces of catering equipment, reopening without fully functioning equipment could potentially be a nightmare. Before reopening, it’s a good idea to ensure all your equipment is running the best it can be and that service and maintenance has been carried out, otherwise, new equipment could be your best bet. More modern equipment will also be most environmentally friendly too!

It’s worth nothing that cheaper equipment doesn’t mean better equipment. Always make sure you look at running costs when purchasing equipment as some may be cheaper in the short term, but cost more in the long run due to much higher running costs.

Monitor running costs

This is something that many don’t think about, but how much it costs to keep equipment running each day should be a big deciding factor when it comes to energy saving equipment. Leading on from our previous point, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing new equipment if yours is over 15 years old to help lower running costs over time, and in turn, the amount of wasted energy you produce.

Maintain and monitor grease management

Without the right management, both ventilation extraction and drains in your commercial kitchen can pose a number of problems. Grease build up in ventilation systems can create fire hazards and the build-up of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in drains can cause blockages, unpleasant smells and costly repair. Manual pump outs for drains can be reduced with an effective grease management system.

Our Grease Management Systems, Ecofix for ventilation and extraction units and Biofix for drains, were created with these issues in mind and cleverly work to tackle grease and FOG build up over time. These solutions help kitchens save energy over time by reducing how hard appliances need to work to get their jobs done. Get in touch with us to find out more about these solutions and how they can help your kitchen.

Start heading towards your Net Carbon Goals for 2050!

All these steps combined will help you take that big first step towards your 2050 Net Carbon Goals. These goals need to be put into place to reduce the demand for energy across the country, create a lower demand for carbon-based activities and reduce climate risks.

Have you set your energy saving goals?

Saving energy is so important now more than ever, especially as many of us are working towards our Net Carbon Goals for 2050. We’ve installed our systems in over 8,000 sites and counting, saving thousands of pounds in energy costs and reducing the amount of energy kitchens use.

If you’d like to help us keep that number growing, we’d love to speak with you about how you can save energy in your commercial kitchen and just how Quintex solutions can help you get there. Give us a call on 0118 973 9310 or email us at and we’d be happy to help.