With months and months of uncertainty here in the UK, many businesses, including commercial kitchens, have had to close their doors. With a reopening date now set for the 4th of July, many food establishments are preparing for a surge of custom over the coming weekend; the first time their kitchens will have been used for a long while. Because of the pandemic, many kitchens have been forced to neglect their equipment and work spaces, which could really slow things down when business resumes.

As a result of what’s going on in the world at the moment, there may be a significant impact on grease management in commercial kitchens, which, if not controlled the right way, could pose a serious risk for staff in their working environment. It’s important to address this issue as staff are returning to work and resuming business in their kitchens.

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What’s the impact?

With many kitchens having to close their doors without warning, deep cleans may have been put on hold. This means that old grease, oil and fat build up within a kitchen extraction and ventilation system, which may cause problems once normal business is resumed. These deposits and odour particles can be particularly dangerous when heated, increasing a kitchen’s fire risk. Without the issue being resolved quickly, a commercial kitchen can be a dangerous environment to work in.

Drains blocked by fats, oils and grease deposits (FOGs) can also be problematic, not only causing drainage problems, but also permeating unpleasant odours around your kitchen space. Thankfully, this can be resolved with the right attention and solutions.

How can this be resolved?

There are easy solutions to these potentially dangerous problems, which can be organised and implemented quickly before you reopen your kitchen. At Quintex, we offer quality, targeted solutions to grease management in order to thoroughly clean drains and ventilation systems, preventing fire risk and unpleasant odours. Here’s how we can help:


Ecofix is the safe, automatic and eco-friendly grease management solution which rids cooker extractions and ventilation units of grease. The Ecofix solution also significantly reduces any fire risks associated with grease and fat deposits, and its thorough cleaning power neutralises odours and brings new standards of cleanliness and hygiene to the commercial kitchen environment.


Biofix is a biologically friendly drain treatment that uses a unique blend of safe bacteria used to consume fats, oils and grease deposits. Our Biofix solution digests these particles and converts them into CO2 and water, which can then be safely flushed away. The process is low cost and environmentally friendly too.

Have you been impacted by COVID-19? Let us help!

The pandemic has affected so many businesses over the last few months – if your kitchen has been affected, then let us help you. For more information about our Ecofix and Biofix solutions and how they can help with the reopening of your commercial kitchen, get in touch with us today. Call us on 0118 973 9310 or email us at sales@quintex.co.uk.