We couldn’t let Valentine’s weekend pass without giving a shout out to our fantastic kitchens. The ones that keep businesses going, the ones that satisfy our empty stomachs and the main part of why we’re all desperate to get out of the current lockdown and visit a restaurant!

Here at Quintex, we’re always looking to give a little love back to our kitchens, appreciate the planet more, and create safer, more comfortable working environments for kitchen staff. If you really cared for your kitchen, you’d want to do absolutely everything in your power to make it feel loved. Here are just some of the ways you can show your kitchen a little TLC at the most appropriate time of the year.

Dan Love(s) heading up our Ecofix department!

Our appropriately named Head of Ecofix, Dan Love, knows only too well how Ecofix can play a big part in the management of our kitchens, and he can usually be found crawling through mazes of ventilation ducts (thankfully not fleeing from gun-wielding bad guys. If you know, you know).

Dan says: “Ecofix continually provides grease management, changing the face of ductwork cleaning. All ducts are different, and over the years we’ve probably encountered most of the varieties. Part of the fun is constantly adapting our solution to ensure Ecofix is providing the best coverage in any system we install it in.”

Dan has led the department through some major changes over the years in order to ensure Ecofix is constantly being adapted to become the best possible solution available to commercial kitchens. Find out more about Ecofix, and learn exactly why it’s the perfect solution to treat your commercial kitchen this year!


Kitchen, you gotta pizza my heart

Your kitchen works hard every day to satisfy the needs of staff and customers, so why not give a little love back? Making sure your equipment runs like clockwork requires the assistance of exceptional management.

Our solutions tackle drain and ventilation issues which could potentially put a stop to kitchen operation or even pose health and safety risks. The build up of oil and grease can be a big fire risk, and smoke from a kitchen needs good extraction! You can find out more about our Cheetah, Biofix and Ecofix solutions on our website.

Staying connected (socially distanced, of course)

We’re all well acquainted with Zoom calls by now, with everything from dining together, to having important work calls being done in front of the camera. Having to adapt to socially distanced meetings means certain processes have to be changed. However, with our remote dial in access, we can give your kitchen the love it needs from afar.

Remote access means we can monitor key system KPI’s such as fan speeds, temperature and air flows through our Cheetah system. Faults can be quickly identified and often fixed remotely, maintenance needs can be identified and performance optimised, all without traveling to site.


Care for your kitchen and the planet

It’s common knowledge that kitchens expel harmful substances into the air without the right measures in place, and the buildup of FOGs can harm our drains too. Quintex solutions can not only break down grease and food particles, but do so in a way that is kind to the environment.

For example, our Biofix solution breaks down FOGs and food particles into CO2 and water, whereas our Cheetah creates an energy efficient ventilation system, cleaning as it works.


Ready to fall in love with your kitchen again?

If you think you could take advantage of our solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Our solutions are known for being sustainable and innovative, and we want you to join the thousands of others already making the most of their solutions! Get in touch with us on 0118 973 9310 or email us at info@quintex.co.uk.