Two Byron sites have seen a complete elimination in drain issues after installing Quintex’s Biofix automatic grease management system. 

Founded in 2007, Byron is a British restaurant chain offering an upmarket casual dining service and one of the most popular gourmet burger restaurants on the UK high street.

The Byron sites recently installed the Biofix system after having constant ongoing issues with FOGs (fats, oil and grease deposits) in their drain systems. 

Quintex’s Biofix is a grease management system that uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to consume FOGs and food particles in spores form. 

The system digests the particles and converts it to CO2 and water, meaning there are no by-products or risks for blockages downstream.

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Prior to the installation, the Byron sites were frequently accustomed to six-weekly drain pump-outs, but since Bio-fix was installed 5 months ago, there has been no need for a manual pump-out.

Quintex provided the site with a full turnkey solution, and as with all our installations, our experienced employees installed the system in a few short hours, allowing the kitchen to endure limited downtime. 

This is the second Byron site which has received one of Quintex’s waste management systems and the restaurant chain could not be happier with the results. 

Byron have now extended the trial into a third site and have received positive feedback from the local authority, they are also looking at a phased rollout over the coming months. 

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Richard Pratt, Head Of Construction & Maintenance at Byron said: “FOG is an ongoing concern within the Casual Dining sector and something that must be managed with clear guidelines to avoid high reactive costs.”

After trialling a number of alternatives which still led to a high amount of call outs, Byron were made aware of Quintex’s Biofix system. Richard said: “We decided after much debate to trial the system. 

“All I can say is why didn’t we install this earlier! Since the system has been installed we have had zero reactive callouts to these sites. We have extended the trial to a third and will look to launch into the wider business over the coming months.”

To discuss Biofix or other Quintex systems, please call us on 0118 973 9310 or drop an email to

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