31,149,717 kWh Saved per annum
358 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 65%
Annual saving in pounds – £63,000
Payback of initial investment – 2.00 yrs

Since its inception in the UK in 1987, Center Parcs has always aimed to create a tranquil place where families could get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get back to nature. This desire holds true today. Its villages are built deep within the forest, enabling its guests to enjoy acres of unspoilt woodland where it can interact directly with nature.

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Center Parcs UK has achieved a pay back in under 2 years on its energy saving investment by converting to Cheetah.

This close link with the natural environment means it has always been committed to the protection of its surroundings. But its responsibilities go far beyond this. It seeks to minimise its environmental impact in many other ways – through encouraging water conservation, tackling climate change and reducing waste.
The Cheetah system was installed and using intelligent controls and sensors to detect when cooking activity is taking place, we were able to control the kitchen extract and supply fans to vary its speed and so reduce energy consumption accordingly.

The system was programmed so the fans ran at a speed sufficient to remove the heat and contaminants being produced by the cooking process, the fans only run at maximum speed when needed, whilst still maintaining comfortable and safe working conditions.

When reducing the speed of the fans you reduce the load on the motors, therefore increasing its life and reducing the need for maintenance, so maintenance
costs will be reduced.

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To prove the effectiveness and efficiency of the Cheetah Energy Controls Center Parcs UK installed a trial system in the Sports Café Kitchen at Sherwood Forest. The actual metered savings were in excess of £3,511 per annum which will give the group a payback of under 2 years.

Installed in all sites across the UK.

The company have recently installed the system in 23 restaurants across all four of its UK sites. The predicted annual saving across the estate is in the region of £63,000 giving a Return on Investment of under 2 years, estimated energy savings of 1,149,717 kWh per annum and saving an impressive 358 tonnes of carbon each year.

Center Parcs UK are not only helping families get back to nature but are doing their part to save nature for the future too!!

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