49,275 kWh Saved per annum
24.8 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 30%
Annual saving in pounds – £10,178
Payback of initial investment – 1.80 yrs

Luxury hotel Claridges, is benefiting from a 30 per cent reduction in kitchen ventilation energy costs after the installation of two Cheetah systems on their 11kW supply and extraction fans. Owned by the Maybourne Hotel Group, who owns and manage Claridges, the Connaught and the Berkeley, three of the world’s most renowned luxury London hotels they are committed to delivering authentic and unique guest experiences.

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Claridges have installed an energy saving product as unique as its hotels, custom made for the hotel and the demands of its busy kitchens.

Quintex supplied the Cheetah system that automatically reacts to conditions in the kitchen, ramping up extraction during busy times and reducing it in quieter times. By controlling the extraction and supply fans to match the needs of the application, significant energy savings are achieved.

Previously the kitchen ventilation system was consuming over 450 kWh per day, but after the installation of Cheetah energy consumption fell to 315 kWh per day. The installation has achieved a return on investment in 1.8 years.

The fans were running at 100 percent at all times prior to the installation. However this method wastes energy, but using Cheetah to control fan speed brings more accurate control and uses less energy. Cheetah matches the speed of the fan to the demands of the application.

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Claridges kitchen has two 11 kW fans. Cheetah incorporates a range of sensors measuring temperature, smoke, steam and airflow in the extract and supply ducts in order to determine the fans optimum flow rates, enabling conditions in the kitchen to remain constant at all times.

To enhance safety the system also incorporates a gas isolation module for cutting off the gas supply in case of emergencies.

Claridges are environmentally Five Star and contributing to the reduction in carbon activities protecting future generations.

We have installed the Cheetah system in all of the kitchens at Claridges.

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