15,805 kWh Saved per annum
8.3 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 71%
Annual saving in pounds – £2,306
Payback of initial investment – 2.30 yrs

Mitchells & Butlers is the leading operator of managed pubs and pub restaurants in the UK. They have around 1,600 locations offering food, drink, entertainment and accommodation across the country.

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Mitchells & Butlers take environmental responsibilities seriously and have introduced Cheetah at the Toby Carvery, Banbury.

Mitchells & Butlers have built up an impressive range of high-street, suburban and rural brands such as All Bar One, Vintage Inns, Toby Carvery, Ember Inns, O’Neill’s, Sizzling Pub Co., Metropolitan Professionals and Scream, as well as successful acquisitions such as Harvester Restaurants and Browns. Mitchells & Butlers believe that responsible environmental activity is in the interest of both their business and the community they operate in.

Their policy is to seek continuous improvements in environmental matters to minimise their impact on the environment. This includes installing Cheetah ventilation control system into the Toby Carvery, Banbury.

The Cheetah system controls the extract and supply fans within commercial kitchens keeping the fan at the desired speed, depending on cooking activity, rather than full speed all day.

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Using temperature and optic sensors it intelligently detects the cooking activity under the hood and ramps the fan speed up or down accordingly. Cheetah not only saves energy and money on fan energy consumption but it also saves heating and cooling losses. This is all done whilst improving the kitchen conditions for the staff.

The Toby Carvery, Banbury is part of a company-wide project to improve energy efficiency and monitor energy usage. Cheetah will save the Toby Carvery, Banbury 15,805kWh per year on fan energy alone. This is giving them a good pay back as well as a big step towards their overall desired energy reduction.
We continue to install the Cheetah system over the entire estate.

“Mitchells & Butlers has the opportunity through the Banbury site to better understand how energy saving technologies, such as Cheetah in a busy pub environment,we are keen to continue to roll out the system in across our other businesses.”
– Simon Cocks, Cost Manager.

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