159,966 kWh Saved per annum
84 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 62%
Annual saving in pounds – £14,118
Payback of initial investment – 1.39 yrs


Blu Edwardian Hotels are a collection of 14 deluxe hotels located in central London, Heathrow and Manchester. Each of the hotels is carefully designed to provide stylish accommodation combined with a high level of service and includes individually designed rooms, the latest technology, meeting spaces and chic restaurants and bars.

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As a luxury brand Radisson clients demand more than just good rooms and food. A strong  environmental and sustainability policy is important in retaining and attracting new clients.

As part of Radisson Edwardian’s development and growth they are looking at the cost of energy. A significant contribution to their energy saving objectives was made by their decision to install Cheetah at one of their largest hotels, The Radisson Edwardian Heathrow.

The extract system from their main kitchen previously consumed a constant 18 kW, 24 hours per day and exhausted over 7m³/sec of conditioned air continuously into the atmosphere. The air conditioning system in the main kitchen incorporates a 17.5 kW supply fan.

The extract and air supply is now automatically controlled by Cheetah as conditions demand. The system continuously monitors cooking activity in two kitchens and adjusts the speed of both the extract and supply fan to match these conditions.

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This has resulted in a reduction in the power consumed by the extract fan of over 50% and a reduction in the loss of conditioned air to atmosphere of approximately 50%, a 62% reduction in energy consumption. The supply air fan is controlled to slave the extract fan down to a preset speed thereby increasing the energy savings.

Radisson Edwardian were so delighted with the saving that they have now installed Cheetah in a further 10 of their properties and are achieving similar results across the estate.

Radisson Edwardian continues to improve their environmental policies and reduce energy whilst offering a world class service which is good for its customers and the planet.

We continue to install the Cheetah system across the entire Carlson Rezidor Hotel Groups estate.

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