3,046 MWh Saved per annum
1,537 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 70%
Annual saving in pounds – €374,701
Payback of initial investment – 1.51 yrs

Tesco Ireland has joined Tesco UK in the roll out the Cheetah system in a pledge to reduce their energy consumption and reduce energy costs alongside their parent company. Tesco Ireland is one of the largest food retailers in Ireland operating 142 multi format stores nationwide and has received extensive investment from the Plc. to expand and deliver exceptional stores.

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Tesco Ireland installed its first Cheetah system in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and has continued to roll out installations since this first trial and is now installed in all sites in Ireland.

Tesco Plc take energy saving very seriously pledging they will reduce the carbon footprint of their existing stores and distribution centres around the world by 50% by 2020.

The energy control system controls the ventilation fan speed depending on the conditions in the kitchen hoods. Temperature and optic sensors are used to detect heat and steam and will change the fan accordingly. This saves, in the case of Tesco Ireland, 70% of ventilation fan energy consumption and contributes to the carbon strategy of the store and group.

With electricity price increases when installed this represented a payback of 1.51 years in addition to the carbon reduction and lower noise in the areas where Cheetah was placed creating a better working environment and experience for visitors to the store.

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In reducing the speed of the fan Tesco have also acknowledged the extended life of the fan adding to the financial benefits of the system. Cheetah measures duct flow and assists in preventative maintenance if flow rates drop below expected levels.

We have installed the Cheetah system in all of the Tesco Ireland stores.

Tesco Ireland continues to announce energy savings and carbon reductions across their estate and Quintex are proud to be part of such a large energy reduction campaign. Cheetah has been successful in reducing the carbon footprint of the estate to date by 1,287 tonnes per year – a large contribution to the corporate targets.

With Climate Change becoming more prevalent in our society and corporate pressure mounting to reduce carbon and energy use we should all adopt Tesco motto “Every little helps!”.

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