25,418 MWh Saved per annum
13,976 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 60%
Annual saving in pounds – £2.41m approx
Payback of initial investment – 2.60 yrs

With energy prices continuously increasing and the growing pressure for large business to reduce and report on carbon emissions, Tesco, one of the UK’s leading retailers set high targets to achieving reductions in their energy consumption. With a large estate covering new build to historic conversions Tesco found innovative ways to reduce energy in every facet of their stores.

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Tesco is achieving a pay back in less than 2.6 years on its energy saving investment by installing Cheetah and is continuing to roll out across the whole estate.

Driven by a strong sustainability policy addressing both carbon and energy reduction Tesco have been installing Cheetah across their estate since 2004. To date Quintex have installed over 1,250 systems across the UK estate resulting in the reduction of 25,418 Mwh per annum and 13,734 tonnes carbon.

The Cheetah system has, and continues to be installed, in in-store bakeries and customer and staff restaurants. Using intelligent controls and sensors to detect when cooking activity is taking place, Cheetah is able to control the kitchen extract and supply fans to vary its speed and so reduce energy consumption accordingly.

“The Cheetah system has proven to be one of the most successful energy saving ideas we have found over the recent years” commented Tesco’s Energy Manager, Jeremy Waters. The management team and the operational staff have been delighted with the results.

Cheetah is also included on the Energy Technology List for Enhanced Capital Allowances, a tax relief that permits businesses to deduct 100% of capital expenditure against taxable profits.

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With so many installations across the estate, Cheetah is regularly monitored to allow savings to be calculated and reported. In an average store Tesco have been experiencing a saving of 116kwh per day showing a payback in 2.6 years. With energy prices rising paybacks are set to look even more attractive.

Tesco continue to announce energy savings and carbon reductions across their estate and Quintex are proud to be part of such a large energy reduction campaign. Cheetah has been successful in reducing the carbon footprint of the estate to date by over 70,600 tones – a significant contribution to the corporate targets.

With climate change becomes more prevalent in our society and corporate pressure mounting to reduce carbon and energy use we should all adopt Tesco motto “Every little helps!”.

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