It is mid-way through the month of Unblocktober and Quintex are thrilled to be spreading the message about sewer and sea health.

Unblocktober, led by Lanes Group, was created to raise awareness and inspire the British public to make minor changes to their kitchen and bathroom habits in order to encourage environmental change.

The national campaign is drawing attention to fatbergs which are large masses of solid waste, blocking or hindering a sewerage system. The bergs primarily consist of congealed fat, personal hygiene products, food, grease and other miscellaneous items that have been flushed down toilets or washed down drains.

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Inappropriate waste management is one of the leading contributors to plastic pollution and the fatberg blockages cause serious issues in sewer networks.

For the calendar month of October, Quintex are one of the market-leading waste-management companies supporting the Unblocktober message.

Most large restaurant and pub chains spend thousands of pounds, every year on problems related to their drain systems. Fats, oil, grease deposits (FOG) and food particles clog drain lines and grease traps. These cause blockages on site and downstream too, leading to conflicts with local water authorities.

Quintex are determined to aid the environment and encourage proper commercial kitchen waste management practice. This is communicated through the company’s procedures.

They have developed a system called Biofix, a complete solution, with the objective of significantly improving grease trap and drain cleaning performance, minimising reactive pump outs.

FOGs can create a multitude of problems such as slow drains, foul odours, customer complaints and fines which can lead to high costs.

Biofix uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to consume FOGs and food particles; digesting the particles and converting it to CO2 and water, meaning there are no by-products or risks for blockages downstream.

The solution also has a low carbon footprint, supports Green Building and is ISO 14000 certified due to no toxic/caustic chemicals being used.

The company also operates another eco-friendly waste management system for commercial kitchens. Quintex is working with leading restaurants and pub sites across the UK to install the Ecofix grease management system.

Ecofix is an automatic duct cleaning system that uses environmentally friendly, food-safe products. The Ecofix system introduces fine micro-droplets of an environmentally friendly biological agent into extraction and ventilation systems.

The Ecofix ‘mist’ settles on grease, oils, fats and other organic matter and breaks down their carbon structures into water and carbonic gas, leaving an extremely small biomass residue which is carried away by airflow and drainage systems and is harmlessly absorbed by nature.

Chris Stevens, Client Manager at Quintex said: “We are hoping once Unblocktober has ended, both businesses and individuals will try and incorporate new, eco-friendly changes into their waste routine to support the UK’s sewers and seas.”

Participants can sign up and find more information at

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