Quintex are pleased to announce their recent collaboration with Mitchells and Butlers pub group, installing our Ecofix system to over 20 of their sites so far.

Since 2008, Quintex has worked with the leading pub group, providing its Cheetah system, across many estates, providing a Return on Investment in 2 years.

Now, we are working with the Head of Health & Safety to install the Ecofix grease management system to further sites across the country.

Ecofix is an automatic duct cleaning system that uses environmentally friendly, food-safe products. Compared to other solutions, such as UV systems and ozonolysis, which release radicals in the environment, or using caustic chemicals to manually clean the ductwork, Ecofix produces no toxic, harmful or reactive by-products.

Not only that, but the system reduces the risks of fire; grease management is fire risk management and Mitchells and Butlers are keen on accommodating the highest standards in their commercial kitchens.

Oil, fat and grease build-up is a major factor in commercial kitchen fires. Flammable deposits accumulate rapidly in extraction ductwork, canopy plenums and hard to reach areas; build-up occurs in between manual cleans and tricky places can be left uncleaned all together… all creating a fire hazard.

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We aim to help commercial kitchen operators and their insurers reduce fire risk, which can only help reduce the number and size of fire-related insurance claims. Efficient grease management is vital for effective fire risk reduction in commercial kitchens.

The Ecofix system introduces fine micro-droplets of an environmentally friendly biological agent into extraction and ventilation systems. The Ecofix ‘mist’ settles on grease, oils, fats and other organic matter and breaks down their carbon structures into water and carbonic gas, leaving an extremely small biomass residue which is carried away by airflow and drainage systems and harmlessly absorbed by nature.

Quintex’s Fire, Health and Safety Manager said: “Mitchells & Butlers have been involved with Quintex for over 5 years.”

“The EcoFix system for cleaning kitchen extract ducts is a very innovative product, it deals with the Fire risk associated with extract duct grease much more effectively than manual cleaning, resulting in vastly reduced fire loading of the ductwork. We continue to expand our use of this system as it is further developed.”

It is an innovative solution for grease management in commercial kitchens everywhere and we are delighted to be supporting Mitchells and Butlers with theirs.

To discuss Ecofix or other Quintex systems, please call us on 0118 973 9310 or drop an email to enquiries@quintex.co.uk

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