Here at Quintex, we’ve developed our own solution to fully support clean and safe air in kitchens, and it’s a smarter, safer and more cost effective alternative to manual cleaning.

There are four months to go until it’s Clean Air Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speak up about the importance of keeping our air safe and clean in the meantime!

Commercial kitchens are environments that naturally expel grease, oil and fat deposits through ventilation systems, which not only harms the environment and the air we breathe, but also poses a huge fire risk if left untreated.

Why adequate ventilation in the commercial kitchen?

A kitchen ventilation/extraction system will work to remove any irritants from the air and control kitchen temperatures. When frying and cooking food in a commercial kitchen, grease, fat and oil deposits can evaporate and attach to walls and kitchen surfaces. Not only can this cause major problems for food safety and working environments, but it can be very unhygienic too.

Poor or inadequate ventilation can lead to smokey kitchens, whereas too much ventilation will waste energy. Kitchens need the right balance to ensure the fumes and grease is being taken away as efficiently as possible. Too much air can cause fumes to spill out from the canopy causing more issues for the kitchen, and potentially diners too in open kitchens.

Keeping commercial kitchen air clean and safe with Ecofix

Ecofix, our safe, automatic and eco-friendly grease management system, provides an effortless way to thoroughly clean your kitchen’s ventilation/extraction systems.

By using advanced biological technology, Ecofix penetrates every element of your cooker extraction and ventilation unit, cleaning as it goes. Ecofix bacteria also breaks down grease in such a way that water is the only by-product that is released. As a result, it puts an end to costly and time consuming manual scrubbing procedures and removes any residual odour.

There are so many other benefits to Ecofix, including its eco-friendliness, its ability to create a safe working kitchen environment and of course, the opportunity to integrate this with the Cheetah ventilation control system.

The campaign for clean air

Air pollution is often described as a ‘hidden killer’, and the campaign for clean air places a big focus on the air outdoors from road transport. However, the pollution expelled from kitchens will certainly play a part in contaminating the air with harmful particles if we don’t take the right action to reduce it.

Here at Quintex, we fully support the campaign for clean air, and it ties in nicely with our 2050 Net Carbon Goals. We aim to get as many commercial kitchens as possible energy efficient and carbon neutral by using Cheetah and Ecofix solutions, with cleaner and safer air for kitchen staff.

Choose Quintex for cleaner, safer air

All our solutions have been created with the environment in mind and we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you want to join the 8,000+ kitchens with Quintex solutions installed across the UK, then get in touch with the team today on 0118 973 9310 or email