Energy & Grease Management company Quintex is now listing their flagship product, Cheetah on AutoQuotes UK.

Cheetah, the EMEA’s leading demand-controlled kitchen ventilation system (DCKV), is now available to purchase on the online catalogue and quotation and design application.

AutoQuotes’ online application allows dealers to search and select items and automatically generate a quote. AutoQuotes will allow Quintex to distribute up-to-date product data so dealers can locate Cheetah and detect its product information more easily.

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The energy saving system has gained serious traction and recognition, over the last 15 years, for its meticulous energy-saving features and benefits. The solution works by controlling fan speeds in line with the cooking activity, ultimately optimising energy use.

In commercial kitchens, variable speed drives can be mandatory for the control of larger extract fans. Cheetah controls the VFD in line with activity captured in the canopy, using optical and temperature sensor technology, safely minimising energy usage.

Emma Brooks, GM at Quintex, said: “We are very proud of our highly regarded, and reputable Cheetah system, which aims to reduce the amount of energy consumed in commercial kitchens saving money and the planet. We couldn’t be happier to see its launch on one of the industry’s most important platforms.

“Hopefully, we will be adding more of our innovative products on the platform in the near future.”

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