It’s very common for businesses to go out of their way to shout about all the incredible reasons why their company is the go-to in the industry. It’s natural for a company to want to show off how you’ll achieve great results with them and just why they’re better than any other business out there. We do it ourselves! However, businesses and potential clients aren’t always well matched.

We wanted to take a different approach.

Here are four reasons why you wouldn’t work with Quintex.

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1. Sustainability isn’t your thing

If you’re not someone who is looking for new, sustainable and energy saving ways to help your commercial kitchen thrive, then perhaps we’re not the right company for you. We pride ourselves on being honest, respectful and open-minded towards everyone when it comes to sustainability, and that includes future generations too.

2. You choose convenience over saving money

Convenient cheaper solutions may work in the short term and offer a quick fix, but chances are you’re unlikely to unlock the full potential of the energy you can save. Here at Quintex, we know exactly how we can save you money and even control and monitor your chosen solutions with measurable results.

3. You’re not interested in company successes

Like any company who is immensely proud of what they’ve achieved over the years, we’re always sharing our positive energy with all our clients to really shout about what we’re good at. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and installed over 8,000 systems, so we like to think we have some experience in the field! If you don’t like a confident team, you may not like our approach to business.

4. You don’t mind settling for second best

Since DCV started to materialise in early 2000’s, there have been a few solutions that have been brought to the market. Over the years we have refined our flagship product, Cheetah, and it has some truly unique features. What other DCKV system allows you to remotely access the fans for optimisation and troubleshooting? As well as providing additional safety features with the use of CO,CO2 and space temperature sensors. If you are going to do Energy Saving, you may as well do it properly!

Interested in how we can help?

If you’re still curious about Quintex, we’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have and give recommendations based on your individual needs. Give our friendly team a call today on 0118 973 9310 or email us at