The 5th of March marks World Energy Efficiency Day! It takes place every year on this day in order to raise awareness of the rational use of energy. Here at Quintex, we’re big believers in energy saving solutions and ideas, which is why we want to do our part to raise awareness in changing the way we all use energy for the better.

Energy efficiency does in no way mean that we need to compromise on how we run our kitchens and businesses. Instead, it encourages us to rethink how much energy we use and how we use it, working towards new ways of optimising this usage to save money and the planet.

We all know the basics for saving energy in our homes, e.g turning off lights and electric devices when not in use, but what about in restaurant, pub, hotel, supermarket and department store settings? How can we become more cautious in the energy we use in kitchens and how can we change the way we use energy for the better?

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Quintex solutions and energy efficiency

Anyone who runs a commercial kitchen will be fully aware of the need for a good extraction system. It’s a requirement for all kitchens – you can’t not have one! You need to always make sure it’s working as efficiently for you and your kitchen as possible

We’ve perfected our solutions to bring businesses something fresh to help you manage your energy. Cheetah, our demand controlled kitchen extraction system, is the perfect solution to help save more energy in commercial kitchens. It works by controlling ventilation fan speeds and matching them with cooking demands, optimising energy use to the fullest.

Through using Cheetah, fan speeds are typically reduced to 40% of their normal operating speed when activity levels in the kitchen are low. At this speed, the energy consumption is only 6% of that with the fans running at 100% of their operating capacity. Significant further energy is saved by the resulting fall in demand for conditioned air supply.

Datalogging and energy saving reports from Cheetah is downloaded remotely. This can verify the savings from Cheetah and identifies where further optimisation could enhance performance.

How else can we aim to reduce energy consumption?

  • Maintain cooking equipment and appliances – Regularly checking your equipment can prevent minimal loss of heat/energy when in use.
  • Keep a maintenance log/schedule – Knowing when equipment has been checked can help other members of staff, and a schedule can make sure checks are never missed.
  • Switching off appliances when not in use – Switch off/turn down grills, fryers and hobs after use, along with lights and extraction fans when they are not being used. As well as saving energy, it will make the kitchen environment more bearable for staff to work in.
  • Keep an up to date fire up/down schedule – ensure staff know the correct procedures to keep in line with cooking and guest trends.
  • Keep running costs in mind when purchasing new equipment – newer equipment should be more environment friendly but always do your research into how much they will cost to run on a daily basis.

How are you playing a part in supporting World Energy Efficiency Day?

Support World Energy Efficiency Day with Quintex

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