Being an energy efficient school may sound like a lot of hard work. If you’re new to the energy saving sphere, making the right changes can seem like a daunting process, one that takes time, money and effort in order to see any result. However, when looking at the facts, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re here to help you well on your way to meeting your energy saving goals!

To get you in the right mindset, we discuss some of the misconceptions school staff may have about energy saving. As well as this, we’ll get you thinking about some positive changes you can make to your own school to be more energy efficient and save money in the process.

Schools can’t save much by being smart with energy

This first point is far from the truth! Even the smallest of actions can make a big difference, such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use. However, when you aim to save money on a much grander scale, the results can be astonishing.

Take our work for Warwick University for example, one of Britain’s leading universities. From an environmental perspective, it has policies and procedures in place to promote best practice in the area of environmental sustainability. The University has installed our Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation System (DCKV) Cheetah into three kitchens across the campus, giving a total saving per annum of over £21,000 and a 65% energy reduction!

Find out more about our work with the University here.

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New schools are automatically more energy efficient

Not necessarily. Unless a school is built with environmental sustainability in mind, they’re often not going to be kitted out with the technologies needed to make a significant difference to their carbon footprint. Well-designed schools will more than likely hold some energy efficient equipment and follow better processes, but without taking the right actions, energy and money savings will probably not be that great.

With Quintex, we can install our advanced energy saving solutions into both new builds and existing school kitchens, bringing us nicely onto our next point…

Improving the energy efficiency of an existing building requires a lot of work and investment

If your school is an older building, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an energy efficient space. Some jobs will take time and work, but by taking the right steps in your school kitchen for example, you’ll be surprised at just how effective it can be.

With our Cheetah solution, we can help you save energy by controlling the extract and air supply fans in line with demand in your school kitchen. Energy savings of up to 80% are typically achieved, whether you have a brand new kitchen or an existing one. Our process is simple.

Monitoring energy usage isn’t necessary

It isn’t necessary, but wouldn’t you want to know how much you’re saving from your energy saving efforts and to make sure those efforts are working? Here at Quintex, we can track and monitor energy usage in your school’s kitchen. The data is downloaded remotely and presented to you when you need it or in a report. This verifies the savings from Cheetah and identifies where further optimisation could enhance performance.

It’s difficult to find the right help to save energy in a school

With Quintex, you’re in the best hands – with our energy saving solutions, we can advise on how to save money in your school kitchen as well as keep you updated regularly with your kitchen’s performance. We’re easy to deal with and we’ll keep you involved each step of the way.

Choose Quintex for effective energy saving solutions for your school kitchen

Here at Quintex, we provide innovative solutions designed to enable energy users to meet their environmental targets, improve profitability and add value. We provide energy saving systems, energy surveys and audits, monitoring and measurement capabilities for educational institutions across the UK.

For more information and advice on how we can help your school kitchen, give the team a call today on 0118 973 9310 or email