341,062 kWh saved per annum
122 tonnes carbon saved per annum
Reduced energy consumption – 65%
Annual saving in pounds – £21,000
Payback of initial investment – 2.10 yrs


The University of Warwick is one of Britain’s leading universities. As such, it prides itself on its governance and corporate social responsibility record. From an environmental perspective, it has policies and procedures in place to promote best practice in the area of environmental sustainability.

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Warwick University has achieved a 2 year pay back on their energy saving investment by converting to Cheetah, which was installed across all kitchens. The university maintains an environmental management system, in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, to manage the impact of the organisation on the environment.
The certification of this system to a recognised standard is subject to regular review by the Environment & Amenities’ Committee.

A key part of their Environmental Policy states:
“The University will endeavour to exceed the requirements of relevant environmental legislation, is committed to environmental performance improvement and will continue to reduce the consumption of primary raw materials (including fossil fuels, water and energy) and seek to enhance the contribution of energy efficient, low carbon measures, recyclable components and renewables.”
Their immediate aim is to invest in a rolling programme of energy saving measures which will maximise returns on investment in order to generate funds which can be re-invested, at least in part, in further energy management activities.

The University has installed Cheetah Energy Controls into three kitchens across the campus, giving a total saving per annum of over £21,000 and payback in under 2 years. This has enabled them to secure funding for the projects through Salix. Salix is an independent social enterprise, a not for profit company limited by guarantee.
They provide funding for proven technologies which are cost effective in saving CO2 and will enable any further energy saving technologies to work at their best.

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Through a mixture of loans and grants Salix have engaged with around 500 public sector bodies and to date have funded over 4,000 projects which save energy valued at £85m. In addition to the financial savings, the University will reduce their energy consumption by 341,062 kWh per year, extra savings will also be made on reduced maintenance costs and the resulting increased life of the fans and motors will add long term savings too.
The university needed a system that would cater for their busy term time breakfast, lunchtime and dinner cooking schedules, but also the much more varied timings of the conferencing facilities they provide. With this type of operation and to be sure of efficient kitchen extract at all times, the fans will often be left running for extended hours through the day and at weekends.

Cheetah is perfectly suited for the variable usage of the campus kitchens with its ability to increase the fan speeds when cooking activity is high and then reduce the speeds as the activity reduces and maintain minimum fan speeds when there is no activity at all.

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