It’s true. Everyone has their own part to play in reducing carbon emissions and doing what they can to protect the planet. Even schools, colleges and universities are tackling the challenge head on and spreading a positive message to future generations in order to reach their own 2050 net carbon goals.

Universities are gearing up their students for a life of sustainability. Getting students involved in these processes not only helps the environment further, but also encourages them to grow with this mindset, and continue with it for a lifetime.

We understand exactly how to save energy and carbon in the kitchen, so we thought we would share how universities across the world are taking other steps to reduce their carbon footprint.


Here are some of our favourites!

The University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is big on sustainability, and has many processes in place to not only make the lives of students easier, but to fully help the environment too.

From Hopper Buses and car sharing to reusing and recycling items like bottles and batteries, their efforts have made a huge difference over the last few years. In 2019/20 compared to 2018/19, there was a 3% reduction in energy consumption and overall energy costs were reduced by 9%. That’s pretty good going!

The University has also received a Green Flag award, indicating that their landscaping and grounds are well-maintained, well-managed and an environmentally sustainable green space.

The University of Oxford

This University has hundreds of buildings and thousands of staff and students. It goes without saying that they have a significant part to play in reducing carbon emissions and waste. They have a range of incentives for sustainable travel, support and share sustainable food practices and even purchase 100% of their electricity from wind power. Impressive!

What we really liked about this University was its attitude towards reusing and recycling. They use WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) where a department or college can post or claim otherwise unwanted items from across the University, meaning very little (if anything) goes to waste.

University of Massachusetts

Going international now – this University was rated a STARS Gold University for the fifth consecutive time in 2020 by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, so it’s clear they’re doing something right!

They’ve cut greenhouse gases by 27%, they’re a founding community partner of the ValleyBike Share Program providing their community with electric-assist bike sharing, and have a robust recycling program that includes composting 1,500 tons of food waste each year.

Stanford University

Stanford University’s goal is to become 80% carbon free by 2025. It currently gets 65% of its electricity from renewable sources, the majority of which comes from the Stanford Solar Generating Station. When the second Generating Station comes online this year, this number will increase to 100%.

The campus offers opportunities to test and evaluate new solutions as the university works to become zero-waste, defined as 90% diversion or higher, by 2030. With all these goals in place, it’s clear that this University means business when it comes to their sustainability – and we applaud their efforts!

How can Quintex help universities to save money and energy, and reduce their carbon footprint?

We’ve already been helping schools, colleges and universities to reduce their carbon footprint and be more aware of their energy usage through our Cheetah system, and have helped universities across the UK save thousands in kW and CO2.

Take a look at our case study for Warwick University, one of Britain’s leading universities. The University has installed Cheetah Energy Controls into three kitchens across the campus, giving a total saving per annum of over £21,000 and a 65% energy reduction!



With remote monitoring and up to 80% energy savings, our Cheetah system can help your university exceed your net carbon goals and work to a brighter future. If we can play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on those growing energy bills, get in touch with the Quintex team today: 0118 973 9310