Many schools today, whether they be private or mainstream, are taking much more responsibility for their energy efficiency. Many are proactive in searching for new ways to do their bit for the environment and to lower costs, and this way of working has had an influential effect on many other schools across the country.

Children in schools are among the many that are being educated more about the impact of climate change and are expanding the way these issues are addressed in the classroom, covering topics such as global warming and air pollution. As well as this, staff are also actively searching for new ways to do their bit and take those first steps to becoming a more energy efficient school.

That’s where Quintex comes in.

Here at Quintex, we’ve carefully developed our solutions with schools, caterers, retailers and the hospitality industry in mind to not only provide exceptional new energy saving technologies, but to also ensure these solutions deliver when it comes to saving energy.

How can schools benefit from our solutions?

The energy used in school and university catering facilities amounts to around 10 percent of their overall energy costs. By taking the necessary steps to enhance equipment and to invest in new technologies, the energy savings could soar to up to 50%. Quintex have developed a solution to not only work towards these savings, but one that can help private schools to monitor their energy usage in their kitchens and provide a comfortable and safe environment for school catering staff.

Our Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation System (DCKV), Cheetah works to save energy by controlling the extract and air supply fans in the kitchen. Cheetah’s energy monitoring unit can meter energy usage, showing private schools exactly how much they’re using in their catering environment, and taking the relevant steps to reduce energy consumption when needed. We can monitor key system KPI’s such as fan speeds, temperature and air flows remotely for even more convenience.

As well as energy efficiency, Cheetah also works to reduce noise pollution and provides better working temperatures for school staff. The temperature in the extract ducts is also measured continuously. If high temperatures are detected, action is taken to alert the operators of a possible fire condition. Safety is one of our main priorities.

Private school goes 100% renewable

Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC), Melbourne is a private school which has successfully taken the steps to become 100% renewable and energy efficient. As well as educating their students about sustainability, principals of the school have also done their part to ensure the facilities in which their students are being educated are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability to the next generation.

Within the last year, the school has gone even further, now sourcing 130% of its electricity needs from renewable energy. You can read more about their impressive achievement in this article.

Be like PLC – reach your energy saving goals with Quintex!

We’ve already helped so many schools take the first step towards an energy efficient future, and we’d love to take this journey with you too. If you’re a school looking for new and exciting ways to do your part for the environment and to save money in the process, speak to Quintex today about our energy saving solutions.

Read our case study on how we helped Warwick University Reduced save 122 tonnes carbon and £21k per annum.

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