In many cases our customers stipulate their requirement for Ecofix. With zonal capability Ecofix offers coverage where it is needed the most.

Canopy and Duct

Many clients see the benefit of installing Ecofix to the canopy using our spray bars. This removes and prevents the build-up of contamination and allows for kitchen staff to remove any waste product as part of their daily cleaning. The ductwork would house further spray nozzles from 1 to 3 metres to reduce contamination where grease load can be at its maximum.

Risers (internal and External)

In some cases the Kitchen Extract System (KES) can feature internal and external risers. Clients are under pressure to keep these areas compliant, however, they can present the most challenge in terms of ventilation hygiene because of access, dimension & cost. Quintex have installed to many risers following a full clean from our hygiene team. Dosing these sections allows for less frequent cleaning. In some cases, the riser system is installed with canopy & duct but there are some systems which, due to size and dimension, use the entire Ecofix capability for the riser only.

Grease Management (Larger Kitchen Extract Systems)

Ecofix can act as a supporting tool for cleaning both in smaller and larger kitchen extract systems. In both cases, Ecofix is installed to sections where cleaning can be managed visit to visit. For e.g., TR19 Guidance recommends manual cleaning is monitored over 7 sections of the KES.

1. Canopy
2. 1 metre from canopy
3. 3 metres from canopy
4. Ductwork Midway
5. Ductwork Upstream of Fan
6. Fan Unit
7. Ductwork downstream of Fan

The requirement for cleaning is triggered by grease thickness level measurements (GTL). The unit of measurement is microns (ⴗ). The recommended GTL to trigger cleaning is 200ⴗ. (Measurements of less than 200ⴗ do not facilitate cleaning (not in a cleanable state) if cleaning frequency can be adhered to. Some clients can push this measurement to 250ⴗ under their requirements. Ecofix dosing can be installed to some or all the sections to reduce contamination and cleaning requirement therein. This potentially allows for less frequent cleaning as well as a reduction in labour especially within the larger KES where cleaning can be more costly. For smaller systems frequency of cleaning has been pushed out further to reduce costs.

Targeted Cleaning

As discussed, Ecofix can be used specifically. Risers only, Canopy and spigot only, Fan units (impellors) – we are increasing the longevity of the fan units through manual cleaning and the use of Ecofix. Impellors are kept clean and balanced with Ecofix use, Specific duct sections….


Many KES suffer with access issues for cleaning. In normal cases access is added (installed access doors) to facilitate cleaning, but this cannot always be achieved due to obstacles such as Building fabric, encased ductwork, non-reachable areas, ductwork in voids, small and inaccessible ductwork for manual cleaning. In some cases, these issues have been overcome by dismantling ductwork, changing building fabric, changing ductwork systems etc. This can be very expensive to carry out and can be overlooked for this reason. Ecofix actively remediates ductwork sections and allows for waste collection at system resistance points such as ductwork bends, transitions and at source. Ecofix doses into this area breaking down historical contamination and preventing additional build-up. In most cases, we have returned heavily contaminated ductwork to compliance and reduced the cleaning areas visit to visit.

Case Studies

Ecofix has helped businesses across a number of industries with their kitchen grease management. Read these stories in our case studies;